Other Professionals

Web twattNo-one can do everything at the highest level and it is important to know ones limitations. If I don’t think that I will be able to do an excellent job for you, or I have too much work on to hit your deadlines, then I will try to find someone for you that has the right skills to fulfil your request.

I work with a few companies and independent consultants and they are all people that I know and trust. These people have actually done what they talk about rather than just read about doing it. Of course you are also free to take that right turn and trust the dubious recommendations of your search engine to point you towards the best person for the job!

  • For additional Manufacturing Expertise I work with a very experienced consultant who has over 20 years experience in this area.
  • For the Healthcare Sector I will refer to a professional with a huge amount of hands-on knowledge.
  • For Insurance Industry Software I rely upon a person who has been doing this sort of work for the whole of their working life.
  • For more complex Web Site Design I use three organisations depending upon the type of site you require.
  • For Marketing I have two contacts that have both served me well in the past.