How Much?

MH 2014 40x40 Free Business Assistance in South Leicestershire

All work is costed on the basis of time, risk and location. Not much help if you are putting together a budget for my time, so for projects south of Leicester, but north of Northampton between the M1 and the A1 I offer a free 45-minute introductory consultation. After that, I am about the same price as your plumber, probably more expensive than your cleaner and much cheaper than your average accountancy or ERP software company would demand. I don’t have a big flash car or an expensive office, so you don’t have to pay for it. 

I also have close links with other professionals for when my available time / expertise does not fully fit in with your requirements or if I need to work as part of a larger team, so if after getting details of your requirements I think that this may be an issue then I will seek your permission to discuss it with one of my colleagues.