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Back office, administration, business analysis, IT, web site, product costing, overhead control – all important elements of a business, but often neglected when things are busy, in favour of the sales and marketing. Perhaps you can’t really afford the cost of a full time person to look after these things so you do it on Sundays and late evenings, or dump it on someone that really doesn’t have the time or experience to fit it in along with their normal day’s work.

Sound familiar?  Need some help?

If the development of a good finance and administration structure has lagged behind the rest of your business because you have been working hard to keep up with the other demands of the company, then I can work as an independent support structure leaving you the time to focus on what you are good at. Whether you have a start-up company or a well established one, whether you need a regular business mentor or ad-hoc project support, just ask yourself : 

  • Have I got a great business idea but don’t know where to go next?
  • When did I last review my banking facilities?
  • I have a big contract coming up and need some help at the meeting?
  • When did I last find time to review my business processes?
  • Have I signed up for modern ways of banking or do I still use cheques?
  • When did I last review my price lists?
  • Am I sure that my overheads are well controlled?
  • How long is it since my company last had training on our business software?
  • Is my company data backed-up and secure at this moment?
  • Am I getting the most from my web site?

If you want to discuss your answers to these questions or you want someone to be working quietly behind the scenes on your finance, IT and administration, contact me for details of how I can help to support your business.